Hoo Farm Weddings

Pitch Up Events are proud to be the exclusive wedding planners at Hoo Farm. 

The Farm is a family run countryside attraction nestling in 32 acres woodland and paddocks in the heart of rural Shropshire. The farm itself is possibly 200 years old and over the years has been a dairy farm, Christmas tree nursery an award-winning farm attraction. It really is the perfect backdrop for yourcelebrations and photographs.


For animal lovers there is a wealth of surprises up our sleeves available to delight your guests!

If your wedding is all about fun on the farm and activities for children, then this is second nature to us and we can keep everyone entertained for hours.

If animals aren’t your thing and the thought of a farm conjures up images of mud and cows, then rest assured this isn’t the case – the site used for events is separate from the main farm, so you could go all day without seeing an animal at all if this is what you prefer. 

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80 guests 

A relaxed atmosphere, people standing outside, drink in hand and music playing...

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80 Daytime and 120 Evening Guests 


Treat guests to a beautiful meal before they dance the night away... 

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Located within our events field, Badger’s Wood is unique self-catering accommodation available for your use throughout the wedding.